Riding in Honor of America's Heroes



Departed Hero:





George Campos

 Cpl USMC / Police Officer / Pilot / ALR / VFW / Sr. Ride Capt Patriot Guard Riders



He served his time in that Jungle Hell.
The uniform was Camo and he didn't tell
Stories of Red and Lights so bright.
Explosive days and Terror filled nights.


He wore a Badge with Honor and Pride,
and Piloted the Airways another kind of Ride.


His Old Motorcycle ran rough and loud.
His leathers torn, worn, and his shroud.

Dust coated his boots and gloves.
He lost his life doing what he loved.

He rode for Veterans to his grave.
Now he rides forever above the Home of the Brave.

Anytime you hear that distinctive 'Harley' sound.

You'll know for sure "Wolfman" is around....



Thank you George for the training you gave me

to be a Ride Captain and for the example you set for us all.

I know your still riding next to us on our missions.



On 9-8-2013 George "Wolfman" Campos (over 1,000 missions accomplished) was the Ride Captain (R/C) and was leading a pack of 25 Riders in Side by Side formation when he may have suffered a stroke.  George "maintained", like the Marine he is, and looked, with a warning at the Missions "Family Rider" next to him then he lowered his head, twisted his wrist and shot the his bike out of formation, missing the "family rider" who was carrying a cremated SoCalPGR Rider on his bike with him.  By George's unselfish action, he not only saved all the riders in the formation from disaster, but proved once again the Hero he was to all of us in the Southern California Patriot Guard Riders.  George's bike impacted a guard rail, sending it tumbling head over heals 20' into the air and he landed in a field of ice plant.  He suffered a broken leg, broken ribs, a massive head injury and a severe cut to his chin from a broken helmet.  

The mission proceeded and the riders accomplished their duties thanks to "Wolfman".

And that's the way he would have wanted it.


 Pictures taken by Pat Otap the link to all his pictures is here


For those of you who would like to leave condolences for George's family and friends, please go to National PGR where we have opened a thread, log in, and leave a condolence.
Here is the link:

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