Riding in Honor of America's Heroes

                           Lyrics - - - - Please feel free to sing along!


When Sonny comes marching home again

 Hoorah! Hoorah!

We'll give him a hearty welcome then

  Hoorah! Hoorah!

 The men will cheer and the boys will shout

 The ladies they will all turn out

 And... we'll... all... ride... for him,

 when Sonny comes marching home.


 Oh! The flags will fly and the horns will toot

 Orrah! Orrah!

 To welcome home our hero with a salute

 Orrah! Orrah!

 The village lads and lassies say

 With roses they will strew the way,

 And... we'll... all... ride... that day,

 when Sonny comes marching home.


 Get ready for the Jubilee,

  Hoorah! Hoorah!

 We'll give the hero three times three,

 Hoorah! Hoorah!

 The laurel wreath is ready now

To place upon his loyal brow

 And we'll... all.... ride.... for him,

 when Sonny comes marching home.

 And we'll... all.... ride.... for him,

when Sonny comes marching home...

 (Singer subdued)



When Johnny (emphasis on JOHNNY) comes flying home again,

 Orrah! Hoorah!

 The flags will fly and the protests begin

 Orrah! Hoorah!

And we'll all ride to hem them in

 Yes, we'll all stick together then

 And... we'll...all....ride...when, Johnny comes flying home.



 Let love and friendship on that day,

 Orrah! Orrah!

 Their heartfelt treasures then display,

 Hoorah! Hoorah!

 And let each one perform some part

 To please a passing warrior's heart

 And we'll... all ....ride ....then

 when Johnny comes flying home

 And we'll... all ....ride ....then

 when Johnny comes flying home

And we'll... all ....ride ....then ......


when Johnny..... comes....... RIDING........... home



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Chuck "Machine" Johnson (Writer)


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