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Chuck "Machine" Johnson Writer and Originator

Charles A. Johnson is a writer, poet, author: He owns a Goldwing, 1983.   His books and manuals were published for corporate and military applications.   He holds trophies from both the International Society of Poets and AllPoetry.com.  Retired USAF Survival Instructor  (SERE - Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) and prior US Army.   His poetry can be found at: 


Mark Rickerby (Contributing Writer, Singer, Poet)

Mark Rickerby is a writer, poet, author, and storyteller.    His work can be found at Amazon.com and many other publishing houses and distributing companies.   Mark has show unsurpassed ability as a poet and his awards are numerous.   He continues to astound his readers with honesty, integrity, and common sense.  

Contact Mark if you would like information on his new work in progress.  



 Here is Mark's new CD for all parents:






Rick Balentine  (Composer, Music Mix, Special Effects Artist) (DONATED HIS EXPERTISE, TIME, AND PROFESSIONALISM)

Composer, Producer, Arranger

SCORELARecording Studio

SCORE LA Music Library

SCORE LA Music Academy

music beyond measures

14539 Sylvan Street, Suite B Van Nuys, California 91411 1.818.590.1979 I Email - [email protected]

Web - www.facebook.com/RTBalentine I www.facebook.com/SCORELARecordingStudio